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Everyone deserves a wonderfully connected, intimate and mind-blowing sex life... and it's possible!

Patty-Ann Waho is passionate about bringing the fireworks back into your bedroom. In her own unique and entertaining way, Patty will expand your horizons, teach you things you never knew, challenge you to step outside that comfort zone and introduce you to new levels of intimacy, connection and pleasure!

Patty-Ann Waho | Sex & Intimacy Specialist

Sex, Intimacy & Connection Specialist

Patty-Ann Waho is an intimacy and sensuality specialist who assists people in ‘get real’ about their relationships and mindset regarding intimacy. Studies show that while most people know what they do not want in a relationship, however many are uncertain about what they DO actually want.

Sensuality, self love, confidence and self-empowerment are the keys to being respected as a unique, empowered and inspiring Being.

Patty-Ann is an inspired Mum of four (4) energy filled boys, who melt the grumpy right out of her with their gorgeous souls & smiles. This family girl is passionate about helping men, women and couples to understand what their ideal relationship looks like (what they really want) and giving people the insight and ability to obtain it, sharing the how to of exuding sensual and self confidence as a woman. She knows the challenges of balancing family and kids and she loves to empower parents to re-find their zing, pizzazz and self love. She reminds us that this kind of coaching is not just for singles, it’s also very beneficial for couples and for those wishing to learn the art of building and maintaining happy and meaningful sensual relationships.

Patty-Ann reminds us that we all have choices in our relationships and that any meaningful relationship begins with the ability to understand, acknowledge, love, respect and honour one’s self. Having left an emotionally and physically abusive relationship herself in the past, Patty-Ann made it her mission to become educated in the art of relationships, self love and sensuality, and to help others to make enlightened and educated choices in their own relationships.

She studied at The Coaching institute and Instant Insights where she has gained her professional skills in Workshop Development & Delivery, Meeting Facilitation and Keynote Speaking.  Qualifications include Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Practitioner of Deep State Re-patterning and Certified Instant Insight Intensive Trainer.

Speaking & Comedy


Patty also shares a passion for comedy and her flagship show "My Big VJay-Jay Diaries" is scheduled to be unveiled in early 2016. As an entertaining presenter discussing borderline-taboo topics, Patty is a highly sought after speaker, emcee and entertainer who always draws a crowd and leaves a lasting impression. By interweaving belly-laugh stories with juicy tips & knowledge Patty offers a fresh and unique option for your next corporate, charity or networking event.

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